Wanxin Optics Was Established In 1973 And Is One Of The Earliest Lens Manufacturers In China. As A Leader In Resin Lens Technology, We Always Stand At The Forefront Of The Field Of Visual Optics And Provide A Full Range Of Solutions For The Visual Health Of All Mankind.
After half a century of operation, Wanxin Optics has developed industries covering lenses, frames, glasses accessories, and optical education, and has become one of the largest resin lens manufacturers in Asia. With an annual output of more than 100 million glasses substrates, accounting for about 1/12 of global lens shipments, it is a world leader in lens production. Provide products and services to customers in more than 40 countries and regions on 7 continents, and more than 32,000 optical shops in China.
We continue to explore the innovation of optical technology, unite the entire company's 3,000 employees, and are committed to helping correct and protect the vision needs of all mankind. We are people-oriented, integrate the latest technology, and continue to create high-performance lenses and high-quality coatings for various customer groups. And vision patients provide unique solutions.
No.1 selling optical lens (by volume) in China *
1/12 global lens shipments
Annual production of 100 million Stock Lens
16000 Pcs Per Day
Provide optical products to more than 40 countries and regions around the world
2020 sales exceed 1.3 billion CNY
WANXIN lens has entered into more than 32,000 stores in China
More than 3000 employees
* According to the competition pattern of China's spectacle lens market on page 19 of "white paper of China's spectacle lens industry in 2020" of iResearch
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