Wanxin focuses on designing a wide range of lens products to help people correct and protect their eyesight. We invest a lot of money every year, integrate the latest materials, develop breakthrough technologies, realize a huge leap in the function of ophthalmic lenses, and provide unique solutions for various customer groups and vision patients.
Innovative Nano Film System
Whether it is used as a hardened layer to protect the lens from scratches or to reduce glare and reflections, our coatings can improve visual comfort, make the lenses easy to clean, and ensure a longer service life.
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Lens making process
Starting from pre-ordering the lenses, Wanxin lenses will go through a series of rigorous processes to ensure that they provide you with a clearer and more comfortable visual effect.
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Prescription Lenses
Tailored to fit your favorite hobby, sports or work. Enjoy the extremely clear vision and comfortable experience of the lens.
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