Promoter of Optometry Talent Education
Good vision is essential to our daily life and quality of life. Wanxin cultivates more professional and skilled talents for the optics industry, promotes the healthy development of vision for all mankind, improves vision and improves life.
Major and Arduous Task of Promoting Visual Health
Vision is the most important sense of our human beings. However, vision problems will affect the lives of billions of people around the world, as well as the production and economic development of their countries. Wanxin consciously shoulders the responsibility of cultivating talents in the optics industry.
In China, There Are As Many As 700 Million Myopia Patients
The Incidence Of Myopia Over 5 Years Old Is As High As 50%
30 Million People With High Myopia
400 Million People With Presbyopia Over 40 Years Old
Demand For Up To 300,000 Vision Talents
Wanxin Invests More Than 2 Million Yuan Every Year For The Visual Welfare And Education Projects
Wanxin Optometry Academy

As a leader in the field of ophthalmic optics in China, Wanxin shoulders the mission of improving the vision needs of 20% of the global population.

Therefore, we use the technology and knowledge we have to continue to train a large number of professionals in the optics industry such as optometry, opticians, and business for the society. It also organizes public welfare activities to disseminate scientific knowledge and information about optics and vision protection to the public, and provide vision improvement services and extensive training to meet the public's vision health needs.

Wanxin Optometry Academy

Guided by the great mission of "Let Education and Technology Promote Industrial Development", after more than 10 years of growth, with our professional knowledge, brand influence and innovation capabilities, Wanxin Academy has trained 18,545 talents in the optics industry. On average, more than 2,000 optometry trainings and assessments were held.

Our education team is working hard every day to develop and provide ideas and solutions. No matter you are looking for any aspect of optical vocational education and training, we hope to provide you with attractive training services.

Taking Care of My Eyes
Don’t take your vision for granted. Just like any other organ of the body, it is vital to take steps in order to keep your eyes working at optimal levels. It all starts with the best pair of lenses, whether you suffer from impaired vision or want to prevent it. Seeing an Eye Care Professional regularly can help keep your eyesight clear and comfortable.
Comfort Is Everything
Irrespective of situation – driving, sports, digital life, indoors, rain or sunshine – you should have the most comfortable viewing experience.
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Giving You Better Vision
For optimal comfort combined with flawless vision, tailor your lenses to fit your individual needs.
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Lenses for Healthier Eyes
The proper lenses will protect your eyes and make you both see and feel better. That's why your lenses should match your lifestyle.
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