Comfort Is Everything
Say goodbye to dry, tired eyes, blurry vision and headaches. Wanxin advanced state-of-the-art lenses are tailor-made for your eyes' unique correctional needs as well as for every situation – driving, sports, digital life, indoors, rain or sunshine. No matter the moment, Wanxin lenses help offer perfect vision in a sleek and comfortable design engineered to help make you forget you ever put them on in the first place.
Help Avoid Digital Eye Strain

Everyday life in front of a screen may cause stress and strain on the eyes. This stress may lead to less blinking, resulting in symptoms such as irritation, dryness, and overall discomfort.

In order to help avoid such effects, it is key to switch between long and short distance vision regularly. During a digital day, it is important to vary eye movement by looking beyond the screen. Relieve your eyes and help filter out unhealthy short-wave blue light by wearing properly-adjusted eyewear.

Spectacles or Contact Lenses?
Whether you prefer the hidden solution of contact lenses or having your glasses front and center, they both can offer the visual excellence you seek. When considering which one might be the right fit for you, consult your Seiko Vision Specialist for advice.
Pay Attention to Discomfort
Constantly wearing contact lenses may lead to discomfort. If you feel any discomfort due to your contact lenses, consult an eye care professional.
Spectacles for the Active
While contact lenses can be convenient when playing sports, sports glasses provide physical protection for your eyes plus allow your personality to show through.
Perfect Fit – for Perfect Comfort
Your spectacles should fit perfectly on the bridge of your nose without pinching it. A perfect fit will not only decrease the chances of red imprints left from the nose pads, but it will also leave you seeing the world clearly and comfortably.
Fitting the Nose Pads
Metal frames are supported by nose pads in order to distribute the weight of the glasses for increased comfort. Pressing the nose pads closer together will make your spectacles not only sit higher but also prevent them from sliding down.
Fitting the Temples
Since it is common to have one ear slightly higher than the other, it is possible that your glasses might sit a bit slanted on your nose. In order to correct this, adjust the temples so the frames will sit evenly.
Giving You Better Vision
For optimal comfort combined with flawless vision, tailor your lenses to fit your individual needs.
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Lenses for Healthier Eyes
The proper lenses will protect your eyes and make you both see and feel better. That's why your lenses should match your lifestyle.
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