Single Vision
Wanxin single vision lenses are an ideal solution for myopia and hyperopia wearers, and they can enjoy good vision when observing close objects or looking far away. We provide single vision lenses that meet the needs of different groups of people.
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Progressive Lenses
Regardless of the distance, freely enjoy all-round clear vision. Wanxin's progressive lenses are tailor-made for the wearer, ensuring good wearing comfort, good adaptability and clear vision in all directions.
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Taking Care of My Eyes
Don’t take your vision for granted. Just like any other organ of the body, it is vital to take steps in order to keep your eyes working at optimal levels. It all starts with the best pair of lenses, whether you suffer from impaired vision or want to prevent it. Seeing an Eye Care Professional regularly can help keep your eyesight clear and comfortable.
Better vision for work and leisure
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The perfect all-day glasses for the digital lifestyle
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Smart sunglass lenses that adapt to changing light
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Comfortable vision without irritating reflections
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BIFOCAL lenses offer optimum vision support for the near OR far
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More information about vision
We can provide you with more professional guides on vision, lenses and eyes, as well as precision lenses and vision solutions suitable for your wear and use.
Urban Life Anti B+E Coating
The blue light protection and glare blocking coating are combined with technology to optimize the penetration intensity of day and night light, enhance color contrast, prevent glare, relieve eye discomfort, and let you enjoy the vibrant brilliance of the metropolis for 24 hours.
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X50 pure BlueFilter coating
Titanium-containing film technology and low-stress and temperature-resistant film structure, the base color of the lens is more clear and transparent. Block harmful blue light, increase the transmittance of beneficial blue light, and ensure eye health.
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TAC polarized coating
Using TAC composite polarizing coating structure, it has excellent polarization efficiency, and double ultraviolet protection technology is both practical and fashionable. It improves color contrast while avoiding glare damage and effectively protects eye health.
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