Paris International Optical Fair

As one of the most influential eyewear exhibitions in Europe, SILMO International Optical Fair has attracted spectacle counterparts from all over the world with its professionalism and internationality. It is not only a window to showcase eyewear products to the world, but also a guide to the world. The vane of eyewear consumption trends and trends.

As a domestic long-standing glasses manufacturer, Wanxin Optics has participated in the Paris International Optical Fair for many years. Every time it exhibits, it has demonstrated Wanxin's rich product system and sophisticated production technology to the guests at home and abroad.


At this exhibition, Wanxin’s booth gathered the garage RX Lens series and Stock Lens series. ULTRAAVEX ultra-tough lenses and BLUE CUT LENS and other high-quality lenses were unveiled, bringing the professionalism, diversification and fashion of Wanxin brand Perfectly embodied, deduced a feast of Wanxin optical products!

ULTRAVEX Ultra-Tough Lenes

ULTRAVEX UltraTough lenses have been tested for impact resistance, and the safety factor has been significantly improved; its high durability improves the life of the lens. In addition, it can effectively block UVA/UVB and harmful blue light, and protect the eyes from multiple angles!


BLUE CUT LENS can effectively filter out harmful ultraviolet rays, and at the same time can effectively block high-energy blue light, care for the eyes and relieve eye fatigue. Two choices of semi-finished products and finished products meet the needs of various partners.


Wanxin car room lenses are tailor-made for customers. The strict production process and hundreds of rigorous tests provide consumers with professional guarantees. I-Nati2, I-Ezy2, I-Read2, I-Sport and other lenses provide personalized solutions to high-quality visual problems for different eye situations of different consumers.

Wanxin Optics' rich variety of products and excellent quality optical products have attracted exhibitors and partners from all over the world to come to exchange and negotiate. The comprehensive and high-quality exhibits have established a better corporate brand image in the reputation of customers, and have been recognized and trusted by many foreign customers.

The SILMO Paris International Optical and Optical Fair in France well embodies the unity of design and use, the concentration of quality and function, the combination of style and technology, and the harmony between trend and fashion. It provides a platform for Wanxin to show its strength and gather international attention. It also builds a bridge for Wanxin to communicate with enterprises in the industry and develop potential customers. In the future, Wanxin will continue to sublimate the influence of the corporate brand through exchanges and negotiations, grasp the international market, and continue to work hard to create more diversified and professional products and services.

Published in Oct 21, 2020
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