2021 China (Shanghai) International Optics Fair

After two years, we finally met again at the Shanghai Optical Fair.

At the Shanghai Optical Fair, Wanxin Optical Group won the 2020 China National Light Industry Council Science and Technology Award "Second Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress and Second Prize for Technological Invention". Wanxin Chairman Mr. Tang Longbao came to the stage to accept the award.

Du Tonghe, chairman of the China Optical Association, and Dai Weiping, vice chairman and secretary-general, came to the Wanxin booth for the first time, and Tang Feng, the president of Wanxin Optical Group, gave them a detailed introduction to the Wanxin booth.

Wanxin Optical Group Chairman Tang Longbao and President Tang Feng took a group photo with customers

Group photo of Tang Feng, President of Wanxin Optical Group, and Lin Guoliang, President of Essilor China Lens Division

 Li Kailin, representative of Kodak Lens North Asia brand, explained to customers

Mitsui Chemicals awarded the certification medal to Wanxin Optics, and Yu Shun, director of Wanxin Optics Market Center, accepted the award on behalf of the company

As an industry leader, helping retail partners grow is our mission and our responsibility.

Wanxin has been exploring the path to empowerment very early, and has always been adhering to the concept of "being a supporter behind retailers". Now, it has established a relatively comprehensive empowerment system for standard process empowerment.

We can do more than we show!

Published in May 06, 2021
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