Wanxin won the Science and Technology Innovation Award

Wanxin won the "Mengxi Award" medal for scientific and technological innovation

Since its establishment, Wanxin Optics has always adhered to the corporate values of openness and innovation, and through various aspects of innovation, it has continuously improved its competitiveness and created more wealth and value for the society.


Production innovation to promote smart upgrades

As the world's No. 1 lens factory with a substrate production capacity of 100 million pieces/year and lens shipments accounting for 1/12 of the world's total, Wanxin Optical's continuous breakthroughs in production capacity are inseparable from production innovation. The introduction of internationally advanced production equipment, environmentally friendly production management concepts and intelligent testing links, the automation efficiency is increased by 29%, the lens water consumption is as low as 3.5L/piece, the waiting period for customized lenses is shortened to 48 hours, and Wanxin Optics continues to build The leading domestic smart factory is developing towards a greener, smarter and more efficient direction.


Lean innovation to reduce costs and increase efficiency

Wanxin Optics Lean Department is committed to guiding the company’s various departments to carry out lean value stream VSM diagnosis, VAVE analysis, QC quality improvement, etc. through lean management reforms and project management. Realize production optimization step by step. Since the establishment of the department in 2017, it has achieved a total of more than 18 million yuan in improvement and cost reduction.

Scientific research and innovation, master core technology

In the field of scientific research, Wanxin Optics has made great achievements and focused on innovation. The actual R&D investment in the past three years totaled 87.156 million yuan, accounting for 4.35% of the total sales revenue. As of the end of 2020, a total of 365 validly authorized invention and utility model patents have been obtained, and the average annual growth rate of patented technology is 7.14%. All the way, it has been awarded "National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise", "Key Enterprise R&D Institution", and "Recognized by Jiangsu Province" Many honors and qualifications such as "Enterprise Technology Center" and "China Patent Excellence Award".


Product innovation to meet market demand

In terms of product update and iteration, Wanxin Optics has always put consumer demand as the first, with sophisticated R&D technology and special craftsmanship to create special products. Through the planning of six categories to guide consumers to make correct decisions, the products have now covered the different needs of all age groups. Among them, the three major brand lines of Wanxin, Kodak, and Metropolis occupy the high, middle and low levels of the domestic market and meet the needs of consumers of all levels.

Published in Feb 19, 2021
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